Investment Project Management

Creating a new business

We offer our clients a service:
development and management of investment projects. We can help the project initiator, at the start-up stage, acting as a well-coordinated management team, and later on we will help you find not only the necessary funds for the project, but also people on whom the initiator will be able to rely in their business development.
Carrying out the development and management of investment projects, We are aimed primarily at creating a system of business processes. To do this, we perform the following types of work:
Initial development of an investment project: express analysis of the scope of the project and related industries, an assessment of the need for a project from the market, a preliminary assessment of the project’s prospects
Development of a detailed project implementation technology:
— determination of the need for staff and space
— the choice of the optimal price and quality equipment supplier
— determination of all necessary permits and approvals, development of a mechanism for obtaining them
— preparation of a detailed launch schedule and project implementation
Coordination of obtaining all necessary permits for project implementation
Setting up an investment project management system
— corporate governance
— production processes
— commercial activity
— management and tax accounting
— staff
— logistics
— security
Project implementation
Ongoing project management, bringing the project to the level of regular management
Legal support of all activities and transactions in the framework of the project
Attraction of loan financing or investment in the project
Preparing a project for sale to a strategic investor